The members of Arkansas Goshinkan are a diverse group interested in learning jujutsu & judo in a friendly and relaxed environment. Each student is encouraged to participate and progress at an individual level. The Kodokan Judo maxim of Jita Kyoei or "mutual welfare & benefit" is at the heart of our training. Each member of Arkansas Goshinkan treats the others with the utmost respect.

We train for recreation, sport, self defense, exercise, stress relief and a number of individual reasons, but we mainly have fun. We consider ourselves recreational judoka. While we don't place a heavy emphasis on competition we do encourage our students to occasionally compete in tournaments as a means to test the effectiveness of the skills they have learned.
The jujutsu we practice is combat oriented. As such it does not lend itself to competition.
Arkansas Goshinkan has been operating for more than 30 years. We are the oldest and longest continually active jujutsu and judo club in Arkansas.

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