JUDO  was founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano. That was the middle of the Meiji period in which Samurai and jujitsu were falling into disfavor. Kano recognized the inherent benefits of the Japanese martial art of jujitsu. Kano founded judo after many years of studying various extant jujitsu styles. Along with developing practical physical and philosophical principals to be applied to everyday life Kano wanted to preserve as many techniques from the ancient jujitsu schools as possible.    

Judo encompasses all forms of combat techniques. While most often associated today with throws and ground controls, Judo also always place value on learning the Japanese terminology for Judo, along with studying underlying Japanese cultural issues important   to Judo as a way of life and a martial art. 

Our younger students practice and learn basic throwing and pinning techniques. Adolescents and adults  learn throwing and pinning techniques, as well as chokes, arm-bars, and self defense versions of Judo (jujutsu).

While the vast majority of Judo practice involves physical activity, the ancient method of oral transmission of the art and culture is also observed. In other words – there’s a fair amount of verbal dialogue. 

Jigoro Kano Founder of Judo

Photo Courtesy of Kodokan Judo Institute

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