Ed Thibedeau
                    Chief Instructor                           


Thibedeau Sensei has been a student and instructor at Arkansas Goshinkan since 1989. He was awarded the position of Chief Instructor in 2005 upon the retirement of his instructor, Cullen Sensei. Thibedeau Sensei studies many facets of the martial arts with emphasis on unarmed techniques, weapons defense, kata, and Japanese history and culture as influences on martial arts.

 Godan Kodokan Judo        Certified Kata Instructor
 Yodan Jujutsu       Certified Kata Judge
 Shodan Karate       National Rank Examiner
 Certified Instructor       National Referee
 Master Coach       Rank in Aikijutsu & Shinkendo
The instructors of Arkansas Goshinkan have many years experience and are all nationally certified
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