Kanji - On the right side (left as you look at shield) are the two characters which represent judo. On the left side are the two characters which represent jujutsu. These characters combined represent the martial arts taught at Arkansas Goshinkan

Circle - The large circle in the middle represents circularity in our lives and arts. Many of our techniques are based on circular movement. At the center of the circle a smaller point is formed. This reminds us of the importance of always remaining centered. The center is the source of ki and balance.

Eight Lines - Eight lines move out from the center of the circle. These lines represent Happo no Kuzushi or the eight major directions of unbalance. This is an important element of all successful techniques. Eight is significant because it represents infinity. In other words there is not only eight major directions but an infinite number of directions for unbalancing, as well as execution of techniques.

Five Point Shield - Each point in the outline of the shield represents one of the five categories of techniques taught at Arkansas Goshinkan
 Nage waza  Throws          
 Osae waza  Pins
 Kensetsu waza    Locks
 Shime waza  Chokes
 Atemi waza  Strikes
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